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Review: Roomie Wars Box Set

Roomie Wars Box Set Roomie Wars Box Set by Kat T.Masen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Roomie Wars

Wow, I was at a lost for words on this story, I was lost in Zoey and Drew's world. The author once again blew my mind with her writing and getting these characters out on paper. I was amazed at this story. I couldn't keep off the edge of my seat. Zoey is this caring, strong independent young woman with a quirky attitude on life, as much as I wanted to smack her towards the end of the story I so could have hugged her in the end. Drew huge manwhore, caring and daring. The risk he takes over Zoey had me rereading the same lines over and over. Drew and Zoey's chemistry was over the moon great. They were hott and cold every time u turned around. once I reached the end I wanted more and craved more of this story. Yes I got a book hangover and it was so worth it over and over. MUST READ 5 star story, you'll be amazed and at the writing and characters. The story is full of life and laughs, makes for a wonderful humorous romance one you don't want to end.

Wedding Wars

omg omg omg, this story wow. I so am not kidding this story pretty much takes off seems like a few months after Roomie Wars ended, they flow is perfect the characters are even better as before, maybe that's cause I know who they are and loved them all over again. The author has done an amazing job getting all the right emotions in all the right spots, making you crave more also at the right spots, I found myself not able to put it down for very long at all. It's a short story that will blow your mind. By the end of the story everything take a shift and that is one shocker you don't want to miss at all, take my word on that I wont tell you what happens between Drew and Zoey, just know you have to read this story. The ending has sucked me in and left me craving more and more. I was happy how it ended with a small**spoiler alert** surprise that was even more amazing and has of course left me wondering , lots of wondering but so worth it in the end.

Baby Wars

Bring on the happiness, I say this lightly Zoey an Drew still have one hell of a journey to go on but it's totally worth it in the end. This story really makes it all come together the whole series and makes you want to read it all over again. Bonus seems like 2 new characters are in the mix and Im hoping fingers crossed hoping we get to know them more. This story had the wow factor and banter between characters stayed the same the flow of the story really blew my mind like always. Had some funny moments in this story I couldn't help but lol alot. MUST READ

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