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Excerpt Reveal for Devious by J.M. Stoneback

Title: Devious
Author: J.M. Stoneback
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: September 21, 2020


It's time to pay my father's debt.

Nobody is stupid enough to steal from him, Cayden Vitali.

They call him Devious for a reason. He doesn't let his debts go unpaid. He collects what he's owed.

Lex Bartoli works for Devious. Lex should know better than to steal his money. But mistakes were made, and now it's time to pay.

Unfortunately for me, Devious knows exactly what he wants as payment for Lex's stupid mistake.


Lex's daughter.

If I won't agree to marry Devious, he has another way of making my family pay.

The choice is mine.

Marry the enemy... or watch him kill my father as payback.

Devious is a mafia book with an arranged marriage, enemies to lovers and an age gap romance.  


Every minute that ticks by, butterflies tickle the inside of my rib cage as I wait for Devious to waltz through the bedroom. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to being married. I’ve never slept in a bed with a man. When I would visit Atrocious, I'd sleep in his guestroom.
The cotton sheets stick to my exposed skin, and I turn on my side. I have on my tank top and pajama pants. Nothing fancy because I’m not going to have sex with Devious, and I’m going to let him know up front.
My pulse jumps as Devious strolls through the room. He’s no longer sporting the tux he wore at the wedding, but black t-shirt and gray sweatpants. Those sweatpants should be banned from the male species as it shows off the outline of his dick. My cheeks flush and my legs shake. He’s stupid beautiful. It makes me sick to be sexually attracted to him.
He slides under the black blanket, faces me, and stares into my eyes. Silence falls between us, and the only thing I hear is the air conditioner pumping out cold air.
“We can’t have sex,” I tell him. “I’m sick.”
“Sick how?”
“Uh. My stomach hurts, and I spoke with the doctor. She said I can’t have sex for a while because I have a type of illness that won’t allow me to have a baby.”
He tilts his head to the side, a frown paints his face. He stands up from the bed. “What’s the name of the illness?”
“I don’t know.”
“How long have you had it?” The lines around his mouth crinkles.
“Um… three years.”
“You need to be punished for lying.”
I freeze, and my eyes widen. “What?”
“Pull down your panties, lie down with your ass in the air.”
I’m not lying!” I sit up on my knees.
“How fucking stupid do you think I am?” He folds his hand across his chest. “If you really were sick, you would know the name of your illness.”
I shift my gaze from him.
“Pull down your pants. Now, Roselyn Vitali.” He grits his teeth. “I’m tired of your disrespect.”
“How am I being disrespectful?”
“Let me refresh your memory.” He rubs his thumb on his chin. “When you tried to get me upset at breakfast by saying you’re going to the club to lose your virginity to someone else. That’s you being spiteful because I made you wear a necklace. Then you were being very disrespectful towards my brother and almost cost me a three million dollar deal. That’s you being childish and mean. And you lied to me about being sick. That’s you wanting to take control of the situation. Apparently, you don’t respect me. "
My palms are sweaty, and I chew on my tongue.
Apparently, he's been watching my behavior because all of it is true. I sit up on my knees, straighten my back as heat creeps up on the back of my neck. I knew the real Devious was going to come out sooner or later.
“Pull down yo—”
“Devious, I’m so—"
“No, you’re not. You’re only sorry because you got caught. You need to learn to respect me. If I force you to do it, you won’t like it.”
With trembling hands, I pull down my pants, bending down on the bed with my ass in the air, giving him a direct view of my vagina. His large frame hovers over me, and my pulse jumps. His hand smacks across my delicate flesh, and I grit my teeth as I keep the tears at bay. Devious is already trying to break my spirit, but I won’t let him.
I get up and pull my pants over my hips. “Don’t put your hands on me ever again.” I stick my hand in pants, digging my nails into my thigh. The pain of him slapping my ass arouses me in places I don’t want. Humiliation dampens my cheeks.
“You will obey me. You will show me respect or be prepared to be punished.”
From the corner of my eye, I watch him go to the mini bar next to the walk-in closet.
“If you didn’t want to have sex, then you could have said so. I have zero tolerance for liars,” he murmurs.
The sound of the amble liquid pours into the crystal glass fills the air. Tears stream down my face, and he waltzes over, using his callous thumb to wipe the tears from under my eyes. His touch is gentle and warm. And the odd thing is, I want him to touch me everywhere. I turn my head away from his touch, but he grips my chin. His violet eyes meet mine. “Just because I’m kind to you doesn’t mean you can take advantage of me. I plan to be the best husband I can be, but take my kindness for weakness, and I’ll be the cruelest person you’ll ever meet.” He sips his bourbon as his eyes still bore into mines.
My throat bobs as I swallow hard. His words chill to the bone. “I’m not going to take your shit, Cayden.”
He chuckles. “I control thousands of men across the U.S. I'm sure I can tame a nineteen-year-old naïve girl.”
“Good luck.”
The bastard has the audacity to smirk at me. He rubs his thumb on my bottom lip, and I’m tempted to nip it just to see him squirm. “You’re going to make this marriage interesting, and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.”

Author Bio

J.M. writes contemporary and dark mafia romance. She lives in Georgia, with her three boys and her husband. Her hobbies consist of reading, playing video games, and spending time with her family. 

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PreOrder: Behemoth by D.M. Earl

 Title: Behemoth
Series: Grimm Wolves MC Series #1
Author: D.M. Earl
Genre: Paranormal Romance/MC Romance
Release Date: July 31, 2020 Cover Design: Jo-Anna Walker @ Just Write Creations
How does a man live two lives? One part is with honor as a firefighter and the other questionable as a nomad in a motorcycle club. Add into the already confusing mix an unbelievable skill set that allows him the uncanny ability to absorb other's thoughts and emotions, and things can become complicated.
Francis M. Stein, aka Stitch is surviving the best he can with the hand he has been dealt. He has found an extended family in his brothers in both his firehouse and MC. Still he is alone, isolated, and living a solitary life, seeing no changes in his immediate future. He is simply existing. 
That is until a young boy named Damien enters his life and introduces him to everything he is missing. Francis finally is able to see a future for himself that includes a woman of his own and a family. Grace Sinclair is everything he could ever dream of and more. 
As with everything in Francis' life, there is good and there is bad. Will Francis, Grace, and Damien be able to overcome their problems for a happily ever after or will fate once again cause chaos for them? Only time will tell.
For years I have hidden in the dark shadows of life. Not truly living...just existing. Not allowing many in, once they take a look at me, all I would see was their backs as they ran from the horror that is me. There is nothing I can do to change my appearance at this point. The damage has been done, and by those who should have protected me. Thinking back to when my nightmare started, I can almost feel the terror overtaking me. While I relax in my recliner, I gaze out the back wall of windows to see the beautiful scene in my remote backyard. Years ago, I finally took the plunge to actually purchase my first and only home; a solitary cabin deep in the woods, by myself. Maintaining my solitude helps to keep the voices in my head quiet, so after many years of avoidance, my mind is finally able to accept that my life works this way. Well, that doesn't include my brothers from the firehouse and the club. I am a man with two very different personas in one body. A body that lives two lives so far apart from one another, it’s kind of funny. First, my valiant side: I am a firefighter in town, going on almost fifteen years. Because of the way my existence started and the special abilities I was gifted at birth, I’ve always had the need and want to help people. Saving others has fulfilled me in ways I could never explain. My second side, the darker side: I’m a nomad in a motorcycle club. I have been a part of the MC since I turned eighteen. Those same abilities have assisted the club, in many different ways, through some of their darker days during my time with them. While my prez is the only one who knows the full extent of my unique skills, the brothers in the club have figured out I’m not like them and explains why being a nomad is the only way for me. They have been my saving grace, which has allowed me the ability to heal, something I have needed for a long time. Both groups of my brothers accept me for who I have fought to be. That includes scars, nightmares, abilities that would freak the fuck out of most people, and all the bullshit left from my childhood. A childhood horror stories are made of.
USA Today Bestselling author D. M. Earl spins stories about real life situations with characters that are authentic, genuine and sincere. Each story allows the characters to come to life with each turn of the page while they try to find their HEA through much drama and angst.
DM resides in Northwest Indiana with her husband and 8 fur babies. When not writing she loves to read, ride her Harley and garden. Also DM likes to spend time with her family and friends.

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Cover Reveal for Steel by Serena Akeroyd.

Title: Steel
Series: A Dark and Dirty Sinners' MC #4
Author: Serena Akeroyd
Genre: Dark & Dirty MC Romance
Cover Design: Jay Aheer, Simply Defined Art
Release Date: August 18, 2020


Steel's a prick. 

He stole my heart when I was a kid, and ever since, he's refused to let go. He's clung to me, even as he pushed me away, and I'm tired of it.

I'm over it, and over him. Of the games we play together, the endless waltz of him hurting me to shove distance between us. 

So I'm out of there. 

My future is medicine. If I turn into a crazy cat lady, then so be it. I'm good with that. At least Mrs. Biggins can't hurt my heart when she poops in my shoes... 

Of course, Mrs. Biggins doesn't kiss like Steel either. 

One kiss. 

That's all we've had together, and it haunts me. My nights, my days, my waking moments, my sleeping ones. A single kiss. Where everything, the stars included, aligned and just felt right. 

But Steel isn't mine to have... by his choice. And I've dealt with that. For years. So when he suddenly changes his mind? What am I supposed to do? Just fall at his feet? 

I don't think so. 

Find out if Steel and Stone can ever be together in STEEL, book four of A Dark & Dirty Sinners' MC series.

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Author Bio

Born in England, Serena Akeroyd is a true romance bookaholic. As a reader she will not touch a book unless she knows it has a happy ending, which makes her write the endings that your heart craves!  This addiction, made her want to craft stories to suit her voracious need for steamy, sexy romance. She loves to write stories with plots twists, alpha sexy men, dark humor, and hot AF love scenes. Some are darker than others as she has a taste for the weird and the unexpected.

She writes MF, Menage and Reverse Harem (also known as Why Choose romance) in both con-temporary and paranormal. But she has recently decided to concentrate more on contemporary MF stories, mainly with A Dark and Dirty Sinners’ MC Series and The Filthy Feckers Series.

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Release Day Blitz for Beautiful Criminal by M.N Forgy


Beautiful Criminal by M.N. Forgy is LIVE!

𝘐𝘧 𝘩𝘦’𝘴 𝘢 𝘮𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳, 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘯 𝘩𝘦’𝘴 𝘮𝘺 𝘮𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳.

As the son of the infamous boss of the DeAngelo family, I have merciless duties expected of me. The public labels me a monster, a man without a soul, and one hated by many. They’re not wrong, and I’m not sorry for it. When my father orders me to marry a longtime enemy’s daughter to settle a score between our families, she did what any smart woman with a beating heart would do. She ran. So, I found her. She tries to negotiate for her freedom, but despite being inexplicably drawn to the deviant woman, I refuse her pitiful bribes with pleasure. I still have a job to do, and I’ll make her tell me her family’s secrets, turning a treacherous situation into a game of hatred. A code of silence will be broken. Lines will be crossed. I’ll promise her freedom to get the answers I need, but I’ll burn this city to the ground before I let her go.

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M.N. Forgy is a soccer mom by day and a saucy writer by night. She started writing at a young age but never took it seriously until years later, as a stay-at-home mom, she opened her laptop and started writing again. As a role model for her children, she felt she couldn't live with the "what if" anymore and finally took a chance on her character's story. So, with her glass of wine in hand and a stray Barbie sharing her seat, she continues to create and please her fans.
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Release Blitz for Dirty Deals by Nicole James

Title: Dirty Deals
Series: Devils Kings MC #2
Author: Nicole James
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 9, 2020



I’m the president of the Devil Kings Atlanta MC. With a fractious club to rebuild and a revolving door on my bedroom, the last thing I need is 5’4” of sex-on-a-stick trouble.
When a mysterious beauty shows up with her playmate’s body, dark soulful eyes and a bagful of cash, I’m willing to make an exception.
I don’t fully trust her, but she needs my help.


Things are finally good. I am one of the best high-roller hostesses on the strip. But I’ve lived in Las Vegas two years and have yet to unpack my bags. Why? Because shit always goes sideways.
I should have known this time would be no different.
When I’m asked to hostess a private poker game at a mega exclusive hotel penthouse, I end up in the proverbial wrong place at the wrong time.
I’m the soul witness to a double murder and I’m suddenly on the run again, but this time I’m running for my life.
I get as far as Atlanta before my Porsche blows a tire.
That’s when he shows up. Dangerous. Drop-dead gorgeous. Scary badass biker. One I can’t take my eyes off. Maybe this town is as good as any to lay low.
When trouble tracks me down, I want to run again. But he has other plans.
He’ll protect me—for a price.
My willing body in his big bed—all night, every night.
That’s the dirty deal he offers.
Dare I accept?

Where the President of the Devil Kings is involved, there are no rules.
But I’ll stand toe-to-toe with him and make it out of this bargain with my heart intact. Because in the end, running is what I do best.

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He locks the door and prowls toward me.
“That’s a real pretty dress, Hot Rod.” His eyes sweep over me. “You want to keep it in one piece, you better take it off quickly. If I do it, it’s gonna be in tattered shreds on the floor. That’s how badly I want you.”
His eyes promise all kinds of things—dark things, dangerous things. He’s seducing me, and he hasn’t even touched me yet.
I take a step back, then another, enjoying the hunt, disobeying his demand. His eyes fall on the pulse I can feel beating in my throat. He stalks me across the room until I come up against the dresser. He stops two feet away. He reaches out, and his callused fingertips glide along my collarbone. My skin tingles in response, heat flames through my body like wildfire, and I tremble.
“I really want to see what’s under this dress,” he murmurs, his voice a seductive lure as he dips his head closer to mine.
“Does every girl you bring in here fall at your feet?” I whisper, wondering just how special I am.
Those hypnotic eyes of his drift along my throat, and his finger brushes where my rapid pulse beats. He moves closer, inching forward, crowding my space as his head inclines toward mine. He dips down, his nose brushing along mine and his voice goes rough. “Want to know what I think?”
“What?” I breathe.
“I think you look beautiful at my feet, staring up at me with those dark eyes I could drown in. Makes my dick hard thinking of the last time you were on your knees, taking me deep down your pretty throat.” He skates his hand up my neck, encircling it, cuffing it, bringing my jaw up until our mouths are a breath apart. “And I think you’re absolutely dying for another taste.”
I lick my lips. I can’t deny it, any of it.
“Let me see what’s under that dress, beautiful.” He drags his fingertips along the neckline, and I’m powerless to resist. I pull the dress off my shoulders, and it flutters over my body to pool on the floor.
His eyes drag over every inch of me, and they light up with liquid desire. He sucks in a breath and steps back to take it all in.
My breasts are bare, my nipples tight with arousal. I’m wearing a tiny G-string panty under the garter belt and lace-topped stockings, all in a golden glimmer.
The gold stiletto heels with their sexy straps finish it off.
“Fucking hell, woman. You’re a walking wet dream. Every man’s fantasy.
I stand, slightly at a disadvantage, as he’s still fully clothed. It tilts the power balance in his favor. Although, seeing the need in his eyes, I may have the power over him right now. He wants me badly. I up the ante and whisper in a throaty seductive voice, “I bought it for you, baby.”
His eyes flare at my words, and he reaches for me.
He threads his fingers into my hair, fisting it, and tugs, tilting my head until I have no choice but to meet his eyes. His fingers curl around the back of my neck, commanding and possessive and my insides melt.

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Releasing September 30


Author Bio

Nicole James is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who loves writing about hot alpha men who'll do anything for the women they love! Her stories are filled with struggle, conflict and real human emotion. She is the author of the Evil Dead MC series, the Brothers Ink Tattoo series and more.

Nicole loves to hear from her readers! You can contact her via e-mail, her website contact form or on her social media accounts.

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