Friday, October 21, 2016

Review: Fighting Solitude by Aly Martinez

Fighting Solitude Fighting Solitude by Aly Martinez
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This amazing story had me hooked from page one, like I couldn't stop reading it I however didn't want it to end either. This whole series has just blew my mind. Aly is an amazing and very talented writter. To keep me on the edge of tears to humor to more tears shock and even heartache was wow. How I ever made it through this story I have no idea. I felt like I was their face to face with Q and Liv living everything they were going through. The end really just blew my mind to pieces. I of course wanted more by the very last page knowing it wasn't coming that part sucked the most. I recommened everyone read this series. MUST READ over and over again. I just can't seem to fibd enough words to describe this roller coaster of a story I know in the end it was so worth reading and loving at the same time.

***I was given this ARC for free in exchange for my honest thoughts***

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Review: Malaise by Max Henry

Malaise Malaise by Max Henry
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ok I was so blown away by this story I finished it in one day. Reading this authors work again has been amazing. I loved everything about it, the characters, the storyline just down right amazing. Meg is this amazing young women, thrown into a downward spiral of her life, meeting Brett changes everything for her. The instant attraction they have for each is completely mind blowing. Brett this amazing mann tries to see light at every turn only to have it sht down again and again. Them as a couple is completely wonderful its them against the world and of course the world doesn't fight fair. On every page something new would happen and I'd be amazed once again. By the time the end came up I was so damn hooked I was super sad to see it end, I'm left craving more like really bad I had a feeling of course it might be wrong but one that just screams that me there story isn't done yet. Gosh I hope not lol. MUST READ!!! If I could create my own star rating it'd most deffiently would be 8, amazing writting and the stories emotions felt real I loved it.

***I received this ARC in exchange for my honet thoughts***

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Review: Rush by Rie Warren

Rush Rush by Rie Warren
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

All aroud bad boy amazing. Rie Warren never stops amazing me with her writting. I loved every second of this story from the great cover which through me off at first to the words that blew my mind on each page. The strength each character showed was beautiful and spell bound. The characters fought so much past and present made the whole story more real. You have Handsome this alpha man deep down trying to forget his past when its forced in front of his facee over and over. He's quite, strong and just all around amazing. Shy this strong and most amazing person I have evey read about just blew my away. Enough said about them don't like to give spoilers and if I go on I surely will give away to much. I personally couldn't get enough of this story. The many blushing scenes to the very emotional ones I was always on the edge of my seat. For some reason this story captured me more then her others. This is a must read cover to cover, the story itself holds so much. I couldn't get enough I wanted more and more by the end. Amazingly written, the story telling is magic. Trust me and just read this story you get all the MC guys along with Josh and Nick. So worth 5stars and more.

***I was given this ARC for free in exchange for my honest thoughts***

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Pre-Order/Release Tour: Crossover by Ryan Michele & Chelsea Camaron

Title: Crossover
Series: Prequel: Devil's Due MC & Vipers Creed MC
Author: Chelsea Camaron & Ryan Michele
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: October 25, 2016
Two motorcycle clubs, two different reasons for being, and one lifestyle find each other together. – Devil’s Due MC – Respect is earned, never freely given. Our road is a path for justice. Nomads always on the open highway, we follow the trail, no matter where it leads, everyone be damned. – Vipers Creed MC – Respect is hard earned. Live by the creed, die by the creed. If you aren’t with us, you’re against us. If you step into our world, your balls better be big and your cock even bigger. Brothers, bikes, and bitches collide. Respect is everything. When two clubs cross over into each other’s worlds, only madness, mayhem, vengeance, and heat can possibly ensue.
USA Today bestselling author Chelsea Camaron is a small town Carolina girl with a big imagination. She’s a wife and mom, chasing her dreams. She writes contemporary romance, erotic suspense, and psychological thrillers. She loves to write about blue-collar men who have real problems with a fictional twist. From mechanics to bikers to oil riggers to smokejumpers, bar owners, and beyond she loves a strong hero who works hard and plays harder.

Ryan Michele found her passion in making fictional characters come to life. She loves being in an imaginative world where anything is possible and has a knack for special twists readers don’t see coming.
She writes MC, Contemporary, Erotic, Paranormal, New Adult, Inspirational, and many more romances. And whether it’s bikers, wolf shifters, mafia, or beyond, Ryan spends her time making sure her heroes are strong and her heroines match them at every turn.
When she isn’t writing, Ryan is a mom and wife living in rural Illinois and reading by her pond in the warm sun.