Thursday, August 23, 2018

Review: Riding The Edge

Riding The Edge Riding The Edge by Janine Infante Bosco
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What in the ever loving just happened? Like I can't even get my mind to wrap around what just happened. I'm in love and shock at the same time. I personally couldn't believe that's how it ended (all in a good way). I was head over heels in love with Wolf and Maria. They couldn't of been a better couple to round out the story with. I was happy with how it turned out. The details small or big really took your breath away. Especially when you weren't expecting Wolf to be as sweet as he is. Many times over I had tears in my eyes and couldn't believe what I was reading was really happening. Riding the Edge really does what the title says, keeps you on the edge and coming back for more. Janine has out done her self I loved how Wolf came out on top rather he really wanted or was ready for it or not and what's even better he found his heart. The very strong emotions in the story really get to you on each page, it makes the tears fall and no help to stop them in sight. It's really a breath taking story that's worth reading over and over again. I floved this story. #PROPERTYOFPARRISH #FORLIFE #YOUANDME.

***I received and ARC of this story for my honest thoughts, I was in no way told what to say this is all me, myself and I***

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