Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Review Tour: Obsidian Wings by Clara Hartley

Title: Obsidian Wings
Series: Soul of a Dragon #1
Author: Clara Hartley
Genre: PNR Dragon Romance
Release Date: March 5, 2018
Do not be afraid…
A scarred, mortal witch. A dragon shifter with a terrifying reputation.
Constance Rinehart has a tortured past. Her mother died in the hands of a ruthless man, and she grew up with a closed heart. After recent bandit raids, Evernbrook is starving for food, forcing Constance to sacrifice herself in the Offering—an event where young maidens are mated to dragon gods. When she is paired with the most brutal man in the world, her worst fears come true.
…there is much more to unravel.
Rayse Everstone, lord of the largest dragon shifter clan ever, has been searching for his mate for the last five-hundred years. He is at odds with his clan, and feared by the humans. When his mate rejects him, and tensions amongst his kind rise, he faces the threat of having all he has built collapse… and even the loss of his own life.

One single day is all this story took me to read. I was hooked right from page one and couldn't get enough by the end I was craving more. Rayse what an alpha of all alpha men, he's strong determined and deep down has this sweet side but don't let his dragon know that. Constance this sweet and clam woman get's mixed with the dragons and slowly starts to come out of her shell, that's something really beautiful to be able to see btw. The chemistry and spark between the 2 characters are not something I was use to reading about they actually had to work on being a couple and being together took a lot longer then any other story I really liked that about it. I was drawn into the story on the writing and how it was different then anything I have read before. This was my first time reading from this author and I know it wont be the last I can't wait to see whats next. MUST READ!!! Each page was like something new and fresh. I really enjoyed how it was set up like back in the 1800s era ok to me it felt that way. The words just flew right off the pages I couldn't get enough. 

***I received this ARC in exchange for my honest thoughts, all this is me, myself and I***

Clara Hartley’s work schedule is not unsimilar to a vampire’s. Artist by day, writer by night, she tries to scramble whatever time she can to jot down her stories. Because that isn’t enough to whittle away her creative energies, she likes to spend her free time doodling her characters, or painting worlds. If her brain is too fried, she’ll take a breather, and sit down with a good book. She isn’t the best at keeping relationships—fictional ones, anyway, and has a multitude of book boyfriends who she can’t seem to decide on. Often, she also has to deal with the business side of authoring, and do things like open Microsoft Word and type her bio in third person, which is frankly, quite strange.

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