Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Review: The Secrets Series: Books 1-3

The Secrets Series: Books 1-3 The Secrets Series: Books 1-3 by L.K. Shaw
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Secret of Submission

Book 1 is hott, like need a fan on at all times hott. My god Marcus and Penny are sexual very very sexual and passionate. Hell I felt the steam come off the pages every time they were together. I had a insta blush that didn't seem like it was going any where. They made the pages burn up with desire and much much more. I also got to see them as a couple out side the bedroom. They had real chemistry that was hard to miss right from page 1. I loved how the submission side of things was explained and made the reader feel as if they were learning right along side Penny. I really enjoyed how the author made Penny an average looking person, with some curves, belly fat and rolls. I loved that.

Secret of Desire

Wow I loved Bridget and Connors story full of love, secrets and passion. Its not like the first story in this series where its full of steamy sex this time the back story was more of the focus it did have some sex and wow it was steamy but there wasn't much compared to book 1. Bridget I love this character shes so flipping strong and in a way an Alpha female, mixed with Connor and its like fireworks for the chemistry they have. Connor all alpha and a totally hottie. Made my insides melt with his Domness. They are really amazing together. Deff needed to read book 1 just to get a even better back ground on some information it really helped to understand some of the story. Must read they are my fav couple, they stick through all the ups and downs together and grew together instead of by themselves. Story flow was amazing and fast. I craved more by the end.

Secret of Redemption

This story was a bit different in every way. I was not use to reading about a take charge female character like this but I did like it def was a fresh of breath air that was needed. Mi;es is a different kind of alpha that really makes you dig into the story along with Josie who is a complete 180 from Miles. They however make it work and learn a few things from each other as the grow on the pages. With how things ended and started in this story I was hooked and wanted to cry, scream at both Josie and Miles. I craved the story so much it was well written and worth every word on it. Although not my fav couple it did in fact lead me to fall in love with them. I couldn't wait for every page to be the happy ending I kept hoping for; for the characters. This story I would recommend reading after books 1 and 2.

***I was not asked in any way to leave a review for this story I won this ARC. I left my honest thoughts of my own free will***

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