Thursday, January 25, 2018

Review: Mend

Mend Mend by Chelle Bliss
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This story blew me away, I loved every word that was written even the back and forth from past to present and normally those stories get me confused and what not, nope not this one I was able to keep up and really enjoy the story, I would have flown right through it but I got sick halfway into the story. once I was better however this story didn't know what hit it lol. I was amazed at the way Chelle had every word down and how she made this story just come to life like no other. This was a page turner of a story one that had the pages smoking if it was actual pages and not my nook. Steamy, sexy, and alpha males everywhere, this story had it all over when you would least expect something hott or some alpha to come out BAM it hit you and man was it so worth it times a million over and over again. Along with the sexy comes the sad and man was I sad for a part of the story in fact towards the middle of the story I was really feeling for the main characters. This story came to life and felt real right before your eyes. Nothing was ever the same, each page brought something fun and new to it. Well worth 5 star and more. I would love to read this over and over again. MUST READ, beware by the end you will crave more.

***I received this ARC in exchange for my honest thoughts, these are my thoughts and no one else told me what to say or write***

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