Monday, January 1, 2018

Review: The Broken Puppet

The Broken Puppet The Broken Puppet by Amo Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

1 day is all it took to read this story from the start to the every last word, I was hooked and I don't say that lightly this dark love story is just that Dark and very mysterious, enough to keep you wanting more and turning the pages over and over again. I loved every word on the pages. Amo really blew my mind with this story all the events, by the end I was completely mind F**ked and I liked it. Hell Bishop got hotter in this story and a little softer showed a completely different side to him. I really liked this story all around and recommend it for anyone to read of course after the silver swan that is. This easy to read story will have you on the edge of your chair with tears rolling down your face at some points, while at others you want to scream and the main characters and when all else fails you cont. to read the story because it's that good. I have never read a story like this one I loved how it picked up right where Silver Swan ended. I also loved the fact that the characters never changed at all in a way they grew and became better they all became the story not just Madison and Bishop. With enough action, romance, love, hate and much more going on just about every page you can't help but love this story even more. I was confused at some points in the story but it really just went right along with all the mind games the author had you going on. Right down to the small details had your mind going over and over everything a million times. Worth it every time. MUST READ!!!

***I received this ARC for free in exchange for my honest thoughts, I was in no way told what to write***

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