Thursday, May 18, 2017

Review: Gypsy's Chance by Shelley Springfield & Emily Minton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Gypsy's Chance
I read this story and was so amazed on how well it was written and how the story just flowed from these authors. This being something completely different from these authors really put me in shock. I was over the moon in love with this story. I loved almost all the characters Kilo can rot in hell for all I care.(yea that's all I'm giving you on him). Chance and Gypsy are this super strong and amazing couple that doesn't let crap stop them from anything. Gypsy has had a hard road that she endures in her life to get to the point she is at by the end of the story. Her ability to fight and stay strong no matter what life throws her way kept me in awe the whole time. Her strength is really what makes this story amazing after someone can go through what she has and finally come out on top is just truly amazing and wonderful. Chance he's this hott alpha man that is not to alpha but not a wuss either. He knows how to go for what he wants and doesn't hold back, he might do things differently and super panty wetting moments from him but he's a really great guy. This story is a non stop read, I had a book hangover when I read this, by the end of the story I was craving more I don't know if it was all the characters I was craving or maybe just a tab of Adam and Jarrod or Gypsy and Chance; I just know that I craved more to read once I reached the end. This story blows your mind and opens it up to so much that really happens in the world and some how Emily and Shelley have made this story shine and shine it did. I FLOVED it over and over. #MUST READ!!!! I could give you spoilers all day about this story but I honestly think you should just read it and fall in love with it like I did and how the reader after, before or whenever will.

***I received an arc of this story in exchange for my honest thoughts***


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