Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Blog Tour: Wild Horses By: Ardent Rose

Book Synopsis
Olivia Hughes is a 'damsel in distress' when she first meets Garrett Thomas, riding in to save her on his 'black charger' (a Ford F-150 pickup). While he drives her to the next town, she falls through a 'time warp' that leaves her wondering if a big-city girl can turn in her stilettos and find love and happiness in a life filled with Wild Horses.
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Author Bio:
I am a hopeless romantic and voracious flirt. I write anything from Romantic Erotica to Erotica and just recently paranormal and fantasy. Each title still has romance and naughty sex; those are a staple in my work.
I am a misplaced Okie living out my old age in Missouri, near where are the musicians and entertainers come to die.
When I am not writing, I am reading and reviewing books or making swag. I enjoy beading and crafts.

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