Sunday, March 12, 2017

Review: Spread Wide By Falon and Nix Stone


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Spread Wide
I loved this story!! Not much more I can really say besides that anything about this story it totally and completely blew my mind. I really love how it was short and to the point and didn't take it's time getting there. I really enjoyed reading from a male's POV the whole time that was different. The way the characters interacted was hott on a different level, I couldn't stop reading. I was blushing almost the whole time I was reading this story. I loved how it took sexy to a new level of sexy, not to mention something you don't ever really read about the handyman!! MUST READ I'm dead serious about that you have to read this hott and new story!!!

***I purchased this and was not asked to leave a review I did so on my own free will***

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