Saturday, March 25, 2017

Review: Bound by Family by Ryan Michele


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bound by Family
OMG I didn't want this to end!!!! This story is that great, amazing, wonderful and any other words you can think of. At first I had a hard time getting young Cooper out of my head then it just hit me Cooper's a man NOW!! What a man he is too. Bristyl I just love that name. She's this amazing girl that captures Coopers attention. She's a strong willed and determined woman, that doesn't take any crap even from those of her family. She is one that knows how to stand up for one's self. They make this super amazing couple that is easy to fall in love with, the journey they take you on is for sure one hell of a ride. This story is a follow up maybe spin off of the Ravage MC, you still get the read about the original guys, but this time it's soooo much better, Seems to be anyways, I would recommend anyone to read the Ravage series first as this story talks about some of the events that has happened in the past not to mention you get more of a inside on the characters. I was kinda upset that I had finished this story and that I wanted more but, with all great stories there is always more to come. I can only hope at least. I do want and crave more. This is a MUST READ story. I loved the pace, the story line, characters and everything about it; even all the bad was really great to read. You would think at first that this story is going to be just like all the other MC stories that you read well it's not, seriously it's not. The romance is hotter. LOL ok not only that but they way the story unfolds in front of your eyes really breaks away and gets the story told but leaves you loving it and wanting more. Ryan has done a amazing job with this story couldn't have been any better at all. Worth the 5 stars and then more.

***I received this ARC for free in exchange for my honest thoughts***


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