Sunday, December 4, 2016

Review: Love, Lies & A Bleu Christmas by Rebecca Rohman


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love, Lies & A Bleu Christmas
Wow how do you find words for this amazing story. Rebecca knows what she is doing writing stories, making the reader fall in love with the characters over and over, also she has this way with the words that make you keep turning the page. Jada and Jonathon's story continues and its one you don't want to miss out on, amazing and wonderful, the lies and the truth that speak on the pages are like magic on paper. There story is one of my favorites, just the way the come together and handle any problems that life throws their way. This is a MUST READ story!!! Take it from me you have got to read this story I do recommend reading the other stories of the series frist just to give you a insight on all the characters and how they tie into each other. The way it unfolds just has so much life to it, the way Jada and Jonathon and even Jordan make everything work is just wow. Read this story!!

***I received this story for free in exchange for my honest thoughts***


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