Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Review: Stripped By: Allie Juliette Mousseau

What It's About? 

 Stone Wright is Foreplay’s hottest act. While entertaining at the popular L.A. strip club known for catering to the feminine wild, the fever-inducing Aussie with the sex-saturated accent and moves to match is preparing for the audition of a lifetime on the sensational hit reality show Then Prove You Can Dance.

When retired principal dancer and ballerina Emilie Cartier stumbles into his dressing room, she’s still reeling from the one wrong spin that altered her entire life and obliterated her dreams.

After a humiliating public, albeit meteoric, orgasm—the kind so desperate to escape, it took over her body without her brain's permission—and a second, more intimate and deliriously deliberate one, Emilie makes a deal with Stone: he helps her get her dancing mojo back and she readies him for his national audition.

But she insists he keeps his wily, wandering hands to himself and his dirty mouth shut. Of course, that’s going to be an extremely hard challenge—one of herculean proportions.

Emilie is not prepared for Stone—the way he spins her mind dizzy, rocks her body into sweet oblivion or dirty dances into her every daydream—and falling in love with him is so definitely not an option.

The closer Stone gets to Emilie, the more he realizes he’d do anything to make her his own. Problem is, he’s a real f*ck-up with relationships. And that means he’s dangerously close to becoming her next major f*ck-up.

What happens when all of the emotional layers—along with the stage props, their dancewear and every last shred of their clothes—are ultimately stripped?
My Thoughts

This was intense from the start all the way to the end. I'm in a love/hate with this story I loved a lot of different things and hated some but not all hint the 4stars. I was all over the place reading it, I liked the different POVs it had just seemed like both main characters showed to much weakness maybe, It wasn't like her other stories that's for sure. I'm having a hard time writing, not bad of course just not to sure what to say. Stone is this amazing dancer who's looking to move ahead in life for himself no one else, fate has a funny way of letting him do just that. Emilie, really talented, caring, soft hearted and looking to start over new, love screwed her over once. Stone and Emilie are great together fun, loving and just all around a great match. I liked how it was about the different type of dancing and I almost felt like I was kinda reading step up and magic mike mixed into one story that really made it fun. They both knew different types of dance to bring forth and teach each other, in a way they helped each other grow into better people. The back and forth they did for most of the story keeps you interested and going back for more, the story really started to pick up about 4 or 5 chapters towards the end and then all of a sudden it was over. The mixed emotions was all over the place, the 2 POV was super high with feelings and what not. It's a stand alone novel so nothing to read before or after although it could have some more the way it ended was a shock to the system a huge cliffy.

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