Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Review: Blow Softly By: Debra Kayn

What It's About?

Book 1, Red Light: Silver Girls series

Release Date: March 31, 2016

She can hear, but can't talk. 

The moment a customer steps into the Blue Room at Red Light, sex is the only thing on Madison's mind. Men prefer a meek, obedient, silent woman to entertain them for money. Her muteness makes her the most popular prostitute at the illegal bordello in Federal, Idaho. But at the end of her work day, Madison's curiosity to know more about the man who spends his time keeping her company in the darkness outside the Blue Room consumes her until desire overcomes necessity.

At the right place. At the right time.

Bear has nothing to offer any woman. A felon and a member of Moroad Motorcycle Club, he takes what is at his disposal—women, cash, parties—and never thinks about tomorrow. Until he witnesses Madison's smile and suddenly tomorrow matters. Determined to show Madison what she does for a living doesn't define her, he refuses to walk away.

My Thoughts

When I first finished this I couldn't believe that it was over I was shocked that it was. I couldn't get my head to wrap around what I had just read like at all. Once again I was knocked down with the writing from this amazing author. If you haven't read any of her work I suggest you do. I also recommend reading the Moroad MC Series first as you get a slight glimpse into the characters from that. This was an amazing Jaw dropping, droll worthy read, each page was something new and exciting over and over again. I was amazed with how the story turned out I had my moments where I thought it was going to go in a different direction but then BAM it hit me like a ton of bricks and so went the other way surprising me over and over. Each page was magic that was written on the pages. I loved every single thing about this story. I was super excited the most to read about Bear he might be my all time favorite Moroad member next to Jacko that is. Bear is this tough, older man, who's had a really hard life, one you can tell by looking at him; he's one that people fear just looking at him. On the inside Bear is this really sweet and caring guy, alpha out side and a huge teddy bear on the inside. Meeting Madison turned his life upside down, this small and quite mute woman, is down right amazing and super strong due from her past. Making due to get by she falls for the least expected of all and becomes a whole new person. Sweet as gold, she is stronger then most. Bear and Madison make a really great and perfect couple for each other. They even each other out. This is a 2 person POV story, it made for a very interesting read; the one main character was mute it was very different to read that's for sure.  I enjoyed my time it took me to read this story although it wasn't very long at all to read it cover to cover in fact only one day. MUST READ for sure. I can't wait to see what the next one holds. Super excited I was able to read this story by Debra and I enjoyed it the most I think. I'm craving more and having one hell of a book hangover and it's worth every word on the pages this story holds. If I was told this story was going to be this amazing I might not have believed anyone but, having read this authors work before I can honestly say it's great, and I want more!!! Of course this wont be my last time reading anything by Debra.

My Rating

***I received this story for free in exchange for an honest review***

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