Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Review: Qiunn By: J.C. Cliff

What It's About?  


Meet Quinn…one of the Undaunted Men
a new series by J.C. Cliff

(Undaunted Men Series Book 1)

​ They’ve done all kinds of work, from private investigations to highly classified governmental operations. Former military, their tight-knit brotherhood is now Atrox Security. These men fear nothing, they are unwavering, unafraid, and unrelenting. They are the Undaunted Men.


He doesn’t want to take the job, but he has no choice. He owes a debt to the Moretti mob, and last he checked, they don’t take no for an answer.

He takes a moment to soak in the information. A pregnant mafia princess, wanted for murder, and he's supposed to track her down.

The professed father is a childhood friend, yet he’s considered a potential enemy of the family. This could get very interesting.

What starts out as a simple task, one that could easily take him one day to execute, has turned into so much more than he bargained for.

They’re each fighting their own personal demons, and it’s more than just a chase at hand. They both have secrets, hearts are on the line, and he resolves himself to go above and beyond the call of duty for reasons he can’t understand.

The last thing he ever intends on finding is an angel.


Join Quinn and Alexis as their unique story unfolds in two full-length novels released three weeks apart. You will fall in love with Kimber, a lovable retired military working dog who becomes an integral part of the storyline.
There is adventure, passion, and suspense in this contemporary erotic romance. Along with J.C. Cliff’s trademark steamy, hot sex scenes that will keep you turning the pages from beginning to end.

You know you have a love/hate relationship with a good cliffhanger in a book, but if
you’ve read my previous books, you are no stranger to this simple fact.
I - LOVE - CLIFFHANGERS. I have to live up to my name, after all.

Warning: **Mature Audiences Only** This book is intended for adults of mature age only (18+). This book contains themes that could be considered offensive.

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My Thoughts

Holy hell was that like the best cliffhanger book hangover story ever!!!! Once again J.C. has blown my mind with her writing and the details that follow up that writing I was hooked from page 1. The way this author has made this story come to life was one journey that I'm super excited I took. The characters are like nothing I thought they would be like at all, in fact they are so much better. Quinn this ex- military hottie, he's older but doesn't seem that way, is all alpha all the time, yes he might act like a big jerk but deep down he's hiding things about himself that no one knows, which he plans on keeping that way hint the reason to womanize. He is strong and caring and has a sweet side sometimes. He get's a call that may very well change his life one that he doesn't want to take. Lexi, smart, caring, strong,  big heart, trust worthy. She remind's me so much of my self then when she mentioned PCOS I about flipped, That's what I have and to know that a author talks about it in one of her books just blows my mind completely. I loved everything about Lexi her attitude was down right funny with the banter mixed in with Quinn earth shattering. Ok enough spoilers after all I try and not give to many away. MUST READ 2 person POV. Fast pace read with a great amount to the details on every page. The ending sucked just because it was a cliffhanger but so worth the read over and over again. I am craving and wanting more of Quinn and Lexi I must see what is next for their journey. This is one ride I want to be on, Just like with the Blyss series I was hooked with in the first few pages and couldn't stop reading it over and over. I couldn't get the words off the pages fast enough and couldn't turn it any faster then what I was going. Every page was something new, nothing was the same, every twist and turn that Quinn and Lexi took was met with a challenge and in the end it was so worth it to overcome it, I think that is (don't want to give to much away) :) READ THIS STORY!!!

My Rating

 ***I received this story for free in exchange for an honest review***

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