Thursday, January 7, 2016

Review: Unforgettable book 3 By: Nelle L'Amour

What It's About

Brandon: I fucked up big time. She never wants to see me again. I may have a cock that belongs in a museum, but I’m the biggest dick in the world. My psycho fiancĂ©e, Katrina Moore, has got me by the balls. In just a few weeks, we’re getting married live on TV. With my career on the line, I have no choice. I’m facing the most difficult decision I’ll ever have to make. I’m damned if I do; damned if I don’t.

Zoey: How could he do that to me? He used and abused me, made me his doormat. All the things he said and did to me were just an act. Stupid me for falling in love with him. He stole my heart, my body, and my soul. But there’s one thing he’s not going to take away from me—my dignity. There’s a reason I don’t own a TV. I can’t bear to watch him say his forever vows to the girl he chose over me. Oh, Brandon Taylor…my dreammaker, heartbreaker. You’ll always be unforgettable.

Hold on to your seats for the steamy, action-packed conclusion to Nelle L’Amour’s bestselling new series. Will one little adorable dog be able to save the day?

My Thoughts

Heart breaking, emotional, and in the end so worth the read 100 times over. Coming to the end of this series each book just got better and better so by the end of this on I was on the edge of my seat and of course wanting more. Reading this authors work I'm truly blessed being able to. She knows what she is doing and how to get the story to come across with so many details and characters emotions. Nelle really knows how to write a nail biter to the end story. I'm so head over heels in love with Brandon and Zoey, I couldn't believe the emotional roller coaster they both went on, their hearts were broken so was mind, they got happy I really felt like I had no choice but to be happy with them. Brandon, he is an alpha type not the I am beast here me roar kind but the one that wants it done his way in and out of bed. I really wanted to punch him by the middle of the story and call it a day but something about him made me fell bad for him. Zoey what a sweet heart, once again her heart has been ripped out and she can't cope with that. She is one hell of a strong female lead that's for sure. This romance story is mixed with a hint of mystery that really gets your mind going and get's you wrapped into the story. I was amazed with how much I fell into the story and how much I didn't want it to end. What really helped was just like book 2 it's start s where it left off at, makes reading it so much easier to follow. The words on the pages this time around so much better. Nothing about this story was bad or needs to ever be changed. I loved it!!! MUST READ!!! it's still a 2 person POV story keep you on the edge type read. Trust me and read all 3 of them, once you read these read That Man series 2.

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