Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Book Blitz & Review: Warrior by Nicole Blanchard

Warrior by Nicole Blanchard 
Publication Date: September 9, 2015 

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Blitz: Warrior by Nicole Blanchard
I thought it was just one night with my brother’s best friend. The boy I had dreamt about since he gave me my first kiss, under the lights of the Ferris wheel.I knew he was about to leave for a year – no chance for a future. But our one night together would create memories for a lifetime. Our paths crossed again, but I had lied, and he was no longer the man he once was. He was warring against demons. Against the silence that was threatening to swallow him. And I had kept a secret from him, one he would never forgive me for. But my secret was about to be ripped open. Displayed for the world on national news. And I had only one way to repair the damage. I had to trust the man I lied to. The man I never got the chance to make a life with. The only man who could save what we had created together.

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My Thoughts

I finished this story in 1 day and to me that's not saying much but for some reason I couldn't put this one day at all. It was amazing from start to end. Nothing like I have read before it seemed way better. The emotions and the twist of the story every few chapters was enough to keep me on the edge of my chair. I know for me I want more and crave even more. The hole love, happiness and hardship was truly a blessing after all the mushy love stories I read this twist into the Military love was a nice break and enjoyable to no end. MUST READ!!!! It's a 2 person POV story that will rip your heart out and make it whole once again. The words on the pages can't be read fast enough but slow enough to really enjoy. This has been my first time reading from this author and I can honestly say that I'm super excited to read from her again. Why you might ask, Her attention to details and explaining what was going on in ones mind was wonderful really left me speechless. The characters of this story Ben and Olivia just took my breath away the passion and love they felt for each other you could just feel on every page and couldn't help but want more and more of their love. I wish I could give you spoilers well I can but how is that fair to the author? It's not so read the story and trust me when I'm serious saying its worth the read and so much more like waiting for more.

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About Nicole Blanchard

9New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Nicole Blanchard lives in Florida with her family and their menagerie of animals. She chooses each day to chase her own fairy tale even if they contain their fair share of dragons. She is married to her best friend and owns her own business.
Nicole survives on a diet of too many books and substantial amounts of root beer and slim jims. When not reading, she’s lavishing attention on her family or inhaling every episode of The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory. You can learn more about Nicole and her work at www.authornicoleblanchard.com. Join her mailing list for updates at http://eepurl.com/6zSvD

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