Friday, July 17, 2015

Review: Twisted Lies 2 By: Sedona Venez

What's it About?

Sinthia Michaels has nearly lost everything. Unwittingly, she’s signed over the majority of her couture fashion line and lost the support of her retailers in one fell swoop. Behind it all is the one man she is undeniably attracted to.

Core McKay, a wealthy and legitimate businessman, is after one thing only—his mother’s murderer. When his intel leads him to a corrupt politician connected to Sinthia, Core will stop at nothing for his own version of justice—even if that means using Sinthia to get what he wants.

Continuing the story of twisted lies and dirty secrets, Core and Sinthia both have an end game, but their feelings for one another could be their undoing.

My Thoughts

This is one of those stories where it helps to read the first one. I was really impressed on how this story turned out, well not to shocked as I was the first story I was more looking forward to this one. Could have to deal with the author being wonderful and really making it show in her writing; which is great itself. The story is fast paced it was over before I really knew it started. I liked every minute I spent reading it, I was looking forward to the page turns more and more. The story seems like you don't need to read book 1 but I honestly think you do just to have a good feel for what your about to embark on. I'm blown away with the authors work, she really makes it hard not to be able to loss track of what your reading.
The fast pace 2 person POV is to die for. It's fun, filled with sexual tension like nothing before, and complete hottness. The hottness is not just from the characters but the words. It's a short fun tension filled story cover to cover. The characters, Core is this hottie who wants revenge at its most finest at teh same time trying not to fall in love again. Sin is trying to make it on the world on her own, full of life she meets Core and things seem to change. I still haven't really figured out yet if it's a good change or a bad one. I'm kinda hoping that book 3 clears that up. It's a MUST READ story!!! I know I really want to read the next one I mean who wouldn't want to continue this journey? Not me I want want want to read more hell I need more!!!

My Rating

***I received this story for free in exchange for an honest review***

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