Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Review: His Crime By: Debra Kayn

What's It About?

Cam's obsessive hold on Christina erupts in a mind-blowing conclusion...

One breath leaves him weak. Love hurts.

President of Moroad Motorcycle club and career criminal, Cam Farrell gets a second chance at life. He promises to keep Christina at his side and bring his son home alive. But, when new secrets come out and club business sparks a war, Cam must learn that family comes first or risk losing control of his club, his MC brothers in prison, his woman.

Nothing is black or white. Sometimes bad people win.

Determined to make sure Cam stays alive and Jeremy comes home, Christina Nickelson stands up against Cam, the club, and society. At her lowest, she's willing to fight dirty to make sure her unconventional family stays together. Even at the risk of losing Cam's love.

My Thoughts

Wow, it's amazing and great, I do however have to say I'm sad to see Cam and Christina's story come to an end I was really hoping to see them have some babes and maybe get married. I also can't wait for more.  The characters in the story didn't change in fact they got better and by better I mean smarter, hotter and more deadly to any woman alive. Well the men that is Christina just got smarter and more wiser to her surroundings.  At first I couldn't believe what was going on I really wanted to yell at the author for getting me trapped into the story then I want to scream at the characters for the way they are acting.  But by the time I reached the middle of the story I sucked my moods up and really enjoyed the story; not that I wasn't already but hell Cam had me all in knots now I know how Christina feels. I really could talk and talk about this story all day long that's how wonderful it is Hooks you from book 1 and still has your head spinning by book 3 it's a MUST READ from cover to cover page to page kinda read. I know it's way worth more then 5 stars. trust me it's worth every word on the pages to read it. I know it's one of those stories that I will end up reading over and over again and again.

My Rating

*** I received this story for free in exchange for an honest review***

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