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Blog Tour: Cherish Her By: Amanda Kaitlyn

Title: Cherish Her
Author: Amanda Kaitlyn
Release date: July 5th, 2015
Genre: New Adult Romance

Book Description

When Aria Morgan met Gavin Thomas, the last thing she was looking for was love. Love hurts. She knew that. She knew there was no chance she was ready to be close to someone again. But the draw between them was too much to avoid or ignore and somehow, she’d found a way to live again and Aria found her happiness again.
A terrible misunderstanding almost splits them apart for good but Aria and Gavin vow to hold on to the love they share. When you find the one person who accepts you for who you are- faults and all, how can you possibly let that go? How can Aria fathom it?
But when a loss so big, a loss that rocks her world and shatters it to pieces, forces her to make that choice for the safety of her own heart, can she let go of her love?
Can Gavin, a man so filled with adoration for the beautifully perfect dancer he met only months ago, let her go if she asks him to?

Loss forces them apart, will thier grief bind them together in the love they found one summer day? Or will it be lost forever?


Book Excerpt

"Gavin slides his hands down my back in a massaging motion as I sit on his lap. We’re at Lucas’ apartment having dinner. Kel and I are enthralled in a game of cards while the boys talk about the football game they are watching. Gavin is pulling for the Colts while Lucas is an adamant Patriots’ fan.

“Aria. Earth to Aria Georgiana…” Kel is snapping her fingers in a waving motion in front of me and I must have spaced out because she’s trying to get my attention.

“What?” I tilt my face up to see her grinning.

“You’re daydreaming again! It’s your turn” She gives me a wink and I feel Gavin stiffen behind me at the idea that I’m daydreaming. About his hands skating along my skin. My back, my thighs, my shoulders. Oh, how I want them south. To where I’m aching for him so much.

“And who are you daydreaming about, baby?” I turn my face into the hollow just above Gavin’s ear.

“You. I want you, now.” My voice sounds close to a growl of desire as I whisper in his ear. Immediately he’s hard and I giggle in anticipation.

“I’m sorry, Luke but I think I’ve been neglecting my sweet girl, here. We’ll see you at the church”

Gavin stands with me against his chest and nods toward Lucas and Kel who are both smiling. They know exactly why we’re leaving and with that realization, my cheeks heat.

“Have fun” My sister practically sings and I can’t help but laugh as she hugs me and whispers in my ear.

“It’s good to see you so happy, Ari. See you soon”

Gavin takes my hand and tugs me out into the cool Chicago night air and immediately pushes me against the hood of his car. He dips his head and begins to run kisses down my throat and neck.

“Oh, please take me home Gavin” I beg and pull his head back with my hands so I can see the depths of his brilliant blue gray eyes.

“Home” He drawls, skating fingers down my face to grasp my chin. Those eyes of his fill with tenderness and it melts me into a puddle before him. I nod and smile shyly.

“Take me home”

It feels like it takes hours to get back to the penthouse and then also for the short ride up the elevator. Gavin keeps his arm around my waist the entire way and as soon as I close the front door behind us I crash my body into his and kiss him. Deep. Hard. Hungry. I feel wetness flood my core and feel the press against my lower stomach of Gavin’s desire for me as well.

“Beautiful” He groans against my mouth, grasps the hem of my skirt and pushes the silky fabric off my hips and legs. The next to go is his t-shirt, the buckle of his loose fitting jeans and finally my blouse. It takes a matter of seconds for my bra and pink laced panties to join our clothes on the hardwood floor.

When I’m standing naked before him, Gavin’s eyes take me in as if he’s never seen my body before. He doesn’t move to touch me, he just looks at me with hungry eyes.

“You are so sweet, Aria. I love that you’re mine” Gavin pierces me with the intensity in his eyes and his words reverberate through my skin like sunlight.

I clutch onto his shoulders as he carries me into our bedroom and straight to the bed.

“Need you” I tangle my fingers through his hair and feel in my soul that Gavin is the only one I’ll ever need.

As if he knows the depth of my need for him, he brings his mouth down to mine and whispers against my lips.

“I’m yours, Aria. But we only have an hour" Despite his reminder, I push my body into his. I moan cathartically when I feel his hardness against the very core of me. I can’t think through the haze of pleasure that I find myself in. All I can do is feel."

About the Author

Amanda Kaitlyn is a new and up and coming author of contemporary romance. The Find Her series is her first work. If she isn’t writing or developing her characters, you can find her in front of her kindle or spending time with her family and friends. When she’s not writing, she is a coffee loving barista and a good listener to her friends. Writing has always been her passion!

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