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Blog Tour: Sunk By: Renea Porter

Title: Sunk

Author: Renea Porter

Release date: 2015

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

~ What's It About? ~

The darkness claws at Raine Sims, bringing her farther in.
There was no escaping it and no one to bring her out of it. The burden of loss weighs heavily on her, reminding her every day that there are no guarantees in life. Every day is a struggle every day she puts on a façade just to get through. She’s already lost her husband to divorce and now her child in death… It’s all too much to grasp.But a chance encounter with Sly Wilkes is all it takes to come completely undone.Sly Wilkes is always in control, in every situation, including in the bedroom. He’s mysterious, and Raine has definitely piqued his interest. However getting to know her isn’t all that easy. Raine’s guarded and believes she deserves to feel the pain and the darkness that surrounds her.
Will Sly be able to help Raine see she deserves more?Or Will the pain forever remain

~ Excerpt ~

Running against the wet sidewalk causes my sneakers to start squeaking. As soon as I make it close to home, my feet fail me and I slip on the wetness, hitting my knee hard against the concrete. I limp into the house. Stripping off my now wet clothes, I reach for the first aid kit under the bathroom sink and clean the blood from my knee. I wince when I put the peroxide on it and it bubbles up. Taking a cotton ball, I dot some ointment on it and place a Band Aid over the wound.
I take a hot shower, trying to avoid the water from hitting my knee, as it still stings. Warmed up from the hot shower, I exit and wrap my plush robe around my body. Padding out to the living room, I make myself some hot cocoa, and then hear a knock on the door.
The clock reads three a.m., and I’m concerned for my safety. Who the hell is knocking at my door at this time? I look through the peep hole, and see a familiar face. Sly. Shit, I forgot to text him when I came back.
I swing my door open. “Sly, what are you doing here?”
“I wanted to make sure you’re safe. You never texted me, so I came to see for myself.”
“Well, you could have just called,” I say, adding a little annoyance to my tone.
I motion for him to come inside.
“Overrated. Besides, I’m more of a face to face kind of guy. But I see you are perfectly fine.” He scans my body. “Except I didn’t see that earlier. What happened?” He points to my bandaged knee.
“Um, I, uh, slipped during my run. It’s no big deal,” I brush off with a giggle.
“Are you sure you’re okay?”
“I promise. I’m fine. Can I offer you a cup of coffee, cocoa, or something?”
“Oh no, I’m fine, thanks for offering. While I’m here though and see you are okay, would you be interested in going to dinner with me tomorrow night?”

~ Meet The Author ~

Renea has always had her nose inside of a book ever since she could remember. She has wrote ever since she was young enough to write, never showing anyone what she was writing. Initially she started writing Coming Back to You without intending to publish, but her hubby of 15 years encouraged her to publish it. And she did. She couldn’t imagine never writing. Its in her blood.
Her mind is always wondering, plotting and full of ideas. Even her hubs questions her sanity sometimes, because she well her characters are real. They feel real.

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