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Blog Tour & Review: Last Day of My Life By: Lani Lynn Vale

Lani Lynn Vale is back with the fourth book in her Freebirds series, LAST DAY OF MY LIFE! Ex-soldiers, bikers, hot alpha heroes and feisty heroines, oh my! Lani is joining us today so please give her a warm welcome and be sure to pick up LAST DAY OF MY LIFE today!

~ Guest Post ~
What helps me write?

Peace and Quiet.
I have three kids all under the age of five. They are loud. They scream. Moreover, they demand things.
I write better from the hours of 8 P.M. to 1 A.M.
I would kill for an office that doesn’t happen to be in the middle of the living room with Dora the Explorer playing in the background, or my husband screaming at someone while playing Call of Duty.
Another thing that helps me write is a good book.
When I have writer’s block, I pull out the old Kindle, find my favorite books and re-read them. Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley and Cry No More by Linda Howard see a lot of re-reads.
Then there’s the free time.
If I know I don’t have anything else to do that day, then the writing continues to flow well. It doesn’t end up with a sentence here and a paragraph there written periodically throughout the day.

~ My Thoughts ~

WOW I read this story in only hours!!!! It's that good, in fact it's way better then good it's great. This love story was just damn amazing right down to ever word and emotion. Hell I cried like a big baby for most of the story; it had a lot of emotional baggage with the main characters and their friends. I really liked how the story started off it really grabbed me hell the hole story had my damn attention from the start. Jake is this amazing guy who has everything going for him then BAM everything messes up and goes to hell but then it all works out again for him in the long run and even meeting his wife all over again was truly amazing. Winter is this strong women who is trying her damnest to remember everything about her even her husband which is this total hottie. Anyways a lot has happened to her that will have you screaming WTF; but like Jake it all works out for the good.

This journey that the author took me on with the characters was just outstanding, it really blew my mind away and I have to say I was not expecting the story to turn out like it did. The hole Army thing and lost I thought is was going to take a totally and complete different route but boy am I really glad it turned out better than I imagined.  The author did an outstanding job with this story, it was truly a blessing to be able to read such a great story.  I'm looking forward to reading more from this author.

MUST READ!! Very emotional story that will leave your head spinning and you left wanting more. I know I can't wait to get my hands on more from this author.

~ My Rating ~

Title: Last Day of My Life
Series: Freebirds #4
Author:  Lani Lynn Vale
Published: June 30, 2014
Genre: Contemporary MC Romance

She's been known as Jane for the last seven years.  Have you ever felt lost?  Well she knows lost.  She’s the definition of lost.  Cruelly beaten within an inch of her life?  Check.  No memory of anything that's happened since she woke up from that beating?  Check.  Losing a child, especially one she didn’t remember conceiving?  Check.  Jane has been sent away from her home of the past seven years by a hot older biker that tells her that her life’s in danger.  His solution is to send her to a place that’s the home of a man that she feels a connection with instantly.  A bone deep connection.


Jacks spent the last seven years in a depression.  After the death of his young wife while on his first tour of duty in Afghanistan, he hasn't seen the appeal of participating in the world around him.  He’s lost everyone that’s ever meant anything to him.  His mom.  His dad.  His sister.  His wife.  Why make any more connections?  They’re just going to die.  The only things keeping him on this earth with boots firmly planted are his brothers who fought with him during hell on earth, and his best friend, the man that was there for his wife when he couldn't be.  The one who promised to keep her safe, and didn’t.  Then he loses one of those things, and Jack really has nothing left.  He comes home to an empty bed, and dreams of what used to be, caught up in a never ending nightmare that never ends.  Until she screams his name, that is.


A name is the first memory that has surfaced in her brain in the last seven years.  That name is Jackopa.  Her husband.

Freebirds Series:

Lani Lynn Vale is a married mother of three living in the greatest state in the world, Texas. She is currently a student pursuing her bachelor's degree in nursing. When she's not cooking, cleaning, wiping dirty faces free of permanent marker stains, going to school, or running errands, you can find her at her computer lost in her fictional character's world.

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***I received this story for free in exchange for an honest review***

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