Monday, April 10, 2017

Review: Getting His By Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Getting His
OMg what are these authors trying to do to me, I was hooked I even had to stay up late finishing it and got up and started right where I left off I did have to get a few hours of sleep or I'd be dead to the world for work. But man was I happy once I picked up where I left off. I loved every single minute of this story, it just seemed to keep getting better and better on each page. Hell each page had me hooked over and over again and again. I couldn't wait for more. This is one story you don't want to miss out on. I mean hello Alpha males, cowboys and a bunch of hottness. The sex scenes are out of this world amazing. Hadley (I just love this name) comes from a harsh family and marries the greatest guy ever Tucker. Family drama and even all that can't get in the way of their love. I have never read about love being so strong but holy cow man it blows you away. I can't even the amount of love that Hadley and Tucker have only makes you want to have that in real life. I do have to say this story is a MUST READ, dead serious read it. This story took me less then one say to read from cover to cover. The characters grow and the whole story grows. It got a somewhat steady pace to it but the story is that great you end up reading it faster then you really want to. Not complaining about that at all. Hell nothing about this story warrants any complaints at all, just that you want more by the time its done. By the time you blink it's over and your kinda left with your mouth open catching flies and what not and going did that just really happen? Yes it did trust me it happened lol. I so recommend reading this story!!!!

***I received this arc for free in exchange for my honest thoughts. ***


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