Thursday, March 24, 2016

Review: Soulless By: Franca Storm

What It's About?

MC biker romance.

Determined to get his girl back, Ax sets a plan in motion. It’s a plan that has him heading down a dark road—one he might not make it back from. Trying to protect the club, he keeps it a secret and goes it alone.

But all bets are off when Dealer finds out and an old enemy comes gunning for the Black Thorns.

Roxana’s attempt at a new life comes crashing down when Ax tracks her down and puts her under club protection. Desperate need and desire reignites between them instantly and, before long, they find themselves right back where they started.

But will it be different this time?

Will they manage to overcome everything trying to tear them apart?

My Thoughts

Once I had finished book 1 I had to dive right into book 2, I was left from book 1 with a huge cliffhanger that I had this need to read right away book 2 to see if things were going to change for the better of the characters or if things just got worse from there. The author did such an amazing job with book 1 that she really out did herself with book 2, the more details and the characters stayed the same was the best. I like books that have different lead characters but I really really enjoy the stories that have the same main characters in each book remaining the same. The same caring and super sweet alpha males are back and full of life this time around, Knowing pain is what the main characters Rox and Ax know about and the worse part is when they try and fool those around them it doesn't work; they all know that deep down they are broken. Love will do that to a person. No Spoilers this time around sorry, after reading book 2 Soulless I just know this is a story for everyone!! MUST READ!!! So worth 5 stars and more, I was on the edge reading this story, hell it only took me a day to read this from amazing cover to amazing cover. The fast pace story really unfolds before your eyes and you can't help but fall hard for all the characters and the great twist and turns they embark on. This MD romance journey was one of the best ones to take by far. The banter, love, crazy, drugs, guns, death, pain, are just many details that went into the story to make it great. The fast pace read is worth it, each page turn you can't help but fall in love with everything all over again. I do recommend reading book 1 Reckless first just because of how Soulless starts is where Reckless ends if you don't read book 1 you will be lost on what's going on in the story; trust me on this.

My Rating

***I received this story for free in exchange for an honest review***

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