Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Review: Giovanni By: Bethany-Kris

What It's About?

Giovanni Marcello lives life by his own terms and has no intention of changing. As a Capo and the son of a mob boss, he knows what is and is not acceptable conduct. That doesn’t stop him from doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants to do it. The one thing he would never do is disobey the principles of La Cosa Nostra. That is, until he spends a night with a beautiful stranger.

He’ll break every rule for her.

Kim Abella has made some mistakes—no doubt about it. She’s paying for them by a forced marriage she doesn’t want to a man who suffocates her with his demands and abuse. After everything, she knew better than to get mixed up with another family, especially their youngest son. Then again, when she’s with him, he reminds her of who she is beneath the control that’s slowly killing her.

She just can’t leave him alone.

Being spoken for by a made man means Kim is off-limits, but Giovanni doesn’t play nice when it comes to taking what should be his. The only thing that might save them both from a bullet and a makeshift grave for what they’ve done are the very same rules they already broke.

Sometimes, love has to start out a little filthy.

Filthy Marcellos, Book Two
Can be read as a standalone in the series.
Please note: not suitable for people under the age of 18 due to minor drug use, scenes of violence, and sexual situations intended for adults only.

My Thoughts

Just when things started to get good in this story they turn and get even better.  This author really knows how to write and get her story across to the readers. I was head over heels in love with it. Unlike with Lucian I felt I could take my time and really enjoy the story, this time I had no choice I was reading it so fast I was amazed I enjoyed it like I did. Most of this story I felt like the characters kept giving me whiplash with all the back and forth crap they were doing to themselves and each other. Giovanni "Skip" is this tough as nails, hard core Mafia prince who has worked hard to get where he's at  with his father as a Don nothing can stop him. Gio falls for this woman hard, I do mean hard he get's his life on track with the partying and the messing around, only 1 problem he was only given 1 night only. This alpha male doesn't except for his life to take a 180 but boy does it. Going to Las Vegas was everything he thought and then some. Kim the one night stand, take the bull by the horns, outgoing and not afraid to take anyone's crap, she get's thrown into a life she doesn't want with a person she really doesn't want. Fighting her attraction the whole story ends up getting her into things even deeper then she wanted. Gio and Kim make an amazing couple. They really let the passion burn bright for them, the sex was hott, the banter was amazing and the over all chemistry they have is out of this world. OK enough spoilers from me I think I just gave you one to many and that's so not like me. MUST READ. This story comes across as a stand alone but part of a series, I would so totally recommend reading the first book Lucian first. The writing keeps you coming back for more, each page was filled with so much that every twist and turn that was made was one that you wanted to read about and couldn't wait to see what happened. Each page turn and word was amazing and so worth the read, I could read this over and over just to know that this has a happy ending after reading the first few chapters thinking otherwise. It's a 2 person POV story each character has different emotions that make the story come to life, soft then hard, caring and cruel all makes for a really wonderful read.

My Rating

***I received this story for free in exchange for an honest review***

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