Thursday, March 3, 2016

Release Blitz: Billionaire Fiancé By: Alexa Davis

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Billionaire's Fiancé E-Book Cover

When out-of-work actress Lexi Wallace finds herself in need of a job after being dumped by her Hollywood bound boyfriend, she takes a position with the mysterious Max Malin, a jewelry store owner who needs an actress to play the role of sales associate. With a business deal between Max and a rich client raising the stakes, Max offers Lexi additional money and a room in his luxury penthouse if she will pose as his fiancée, but when Max’s family background comes back to haunt him, Lexi finds herself in the middle of a Russian mafia feud that may cost her her life. Will Lexi let Max into her stubbornly guarded heart? And, will Max find a way to save Lexi before the clock runs out?



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