Monday, February 1, 2016

Review: Chasing Down Changes by: Debra Kayn

What It's About?

He is his father’s son.

After fifteen years in the Idaho State Penitentiary, Jeremy Aldridge walks out of prison with the knowledge and skills that made his dad a legend in the gang wars within the system and the driving force behind Moroad Motorcycle Club. Outside of the Cyclone fence, Jeremy reaches for the familiar…Lola, the lifers, his Harley. 

But, the one woman he owns and expected to find waiting for him has pulled away from Moroad. He discovers Tiff running the biggest illegal business Federal has ever seen, and her time is up. She belongs to him, and he’ll risk everything to keep her.

Stop loving him.

Tiff’s mantra since losing Jeremy falls to the wayside when he walks into Silver Girls and claims she still belongs to him. At one time, Jeremy was her whole world despite her tendencies to test him at every turn with petty fights, temper tantrums, and jealousy. 

The man who returned from prison no longer plays games. Bigger, stronger, smarter, scarier, Jeremy’s presence threatens her business, resurrects old insecurities, and has the ability to destroy her.

(This is the final book in the series and can be read as a standalone)

My Thoughts

I love to hate him and hate to love him right about now I cannot get over Jeremy at all., the way he is acts, loves, hates, and is all around a changed man. Reading this story from cover to cover once I really got started I just knew their was no end for me at all. Debra is this amazing author that take the cake when writing about MC romance, it's like nothing I have ever read before ever.  The amount of details and the words on the pages is enough to really capture the heart of the story. Jeremy Who we watched grow up from a young teen to a young adult was pretty amazing but then BAM were hit in teh head with Adult Jeremy and let me say hold on to your panties ladies as he will blow your mind in more then 1 way. Alpha male, strong, hard, lovable deep down he is one alpha that is so worth being angry at and happy with all at the same time. I use to think I was all about Team Jacko and almost Team Merk and Cam but holy hell it's a fight with Jeremy for Team Jeremy or Team Jacko how do I even begin to choose. Truth is I don't think this is something that I'd be able to choose from. OK moving on Tiff, what a really great character to be teamed up with Jeremy; she is strong, hard headed, independent and just full of life and love. the 2 of them together is like a bomb waiting to go off, they way they fight, laugh, and love each other is enough to have you going up and down and all around. They love each other the hardest, shows on just about every page and in every word that is written. This amazing story is a MUST READ, grab a copy and read it till the end hell it only took me 1 day to read this even after telling myself I need to slow down I just couldn't I had to read it. 2 person POV story that is unremarkable!!! Debra knows how to right the tough and the love were it mixes into one amazing and wonderful story. So hard to put down; like I said at the start of my review I loved Jeremy at the start then didn't then I loved him again and hated him again he really had my emotions all over the place know I really know how Tiff felt. Love this story!!! Want more and crave more, can't wait to see what else Debra has up her selves.

My Rating

***I received this story for free in exchange for an honest review***

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