Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Review: Loaded By: Max Henry

What It's About?

“All they’d ever known was how to get things the easiest way. It wasn’t always legal, and it sure-as-shit most times wasn’t moral, but they’d been taught from a young age, that if your heart was set on something, you risked it all to get it.”

Pistol may have got the girl – but it doesn’t mean he won’t have to work to keep her …

Steph faces one of the biggest challenges of her life; deciding if the man she’s attracted to for all the wrong reasons is worth enough to risk at all.
When her heart is involved, how exactly does she decide when to draw the line? Impossible to tell, isn’t it …

Pistol can’t stop himself from satisfying his own needs first – at the risk of Steph’s safety. He wants her with him … at all costs. But is he simply blackmailing her to stay? Or has she truly made the decision for herself? Will he ever know …

The dark depths of Pistol’s life before Steph surface when his mother arrives to claim what she believes to be hers.

Is an insatiable need for each other enough to keep love alive through such troubling times …

My Thoughts

Wow what an amazing and holy crap journey I was just taken on. This story is wow, since it was forever since I read book 1 I didn't think I was going to remember much about it but once I really got into the story it kinda just hit me all at once. This one was much better then book 1 that's for sure. I was amazed at the author's writing and the over all story. The amount of details on every page made for a mind filled journey with the characters. Meeting Trevor was a mind blower, huge and beefy and totally hott. But of course he doesn't have anything on Pistol that's for sure. Steph sweet and down to earth has a wild side only Pete(Pistol) can bring out in her. The love that they have is beautiful. The way the characters are described in the story really pop and it shows that they really are all different from each other. Once you really get into the characters head it's hard to just pick one of them to really enjoy. the different POV and details that each character shares opens new doors into the story and making the story line change. I was shocked at the ending of this story to say the least, My head was spinning and my mind was going a mile a min. I couldn't believe what had just happened. I really want to tell you readers but me being me will just have to say it's a MUST READ!!! The author knows what she is doing as far as writing and getting and keeping the readers attention. You'll be hooked within the first few pages. Once I was finished I couldn't believe it was over, way to fast if you ask me.  Take the time to read the story I will say read book 1 first that way your not going in blind as they led right into each other.

My Rating

***I received this story for free in exchange for an honest review***

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