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Release Blitz & Review: Paris: The Ambassador & Me By: Mia Villano

Title: Paris: The Ambassador & Me
Series: The Ambassador Trilogy #2
Author: Mia Villano
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: November 3, 2015

Isabella has walked away from the family business to start a career that she always wanted. In doing so, she has met Fabrice, the French Ambassador and the man that has changed her life. But her insecurities and constant longing for happiness, has caused Isabella to second guess her decisions. 
Their passion is strong, hardly controllable, and deeply sensual. Fabrice is everything Isabella could want in a man, in and out of bed. Or is he? 
When Fabrice must go to Paris, a vindictive ex-girlfriend causes more problems and more insecurities for Isabella to deal with. Along with her sisters shocking confession, her ex-boyfriend, and an illness of someone close to her, Isabella questions everything in her life, including her love for Fabrice. 
Can they overcome it all and be together, or will something rock their world again? 
Paris, The Ambassador and Me is the second book in the Ambassador Trilogy. 
For Mature Audiences only

Fabrice Arbidoux was the man of my dreams and I knew it the moment I laid eyes on him. He was powerful, gorgeous, and insatiable in bed. He came into my life and changed it forever. I couldn’t get enough of him and I didn’t want to. He was my knight in shining amour and all mine. My lack of self-esteem, fear of backlash, and memories of a very difficult past relationship had me constantly doubting his love for me. I even let him go for a while. But, I couldn’t let him go. I needed him as much as I needed to breathe. He risked it all for me without a blink of an eye. Was I worth it? He said I was. He showed me I was every day. I pray that it stays this good. But, I doubt it will. Nothing ever stays this good.

Wow, This story starts off right where book 1 stopped at not, leaving enough a hint that the story might have a few changes no word for word where it stopped at. Blew my mind away and made for a really fast read. I couldn't get over how fast I was soaking up the words on the page. I wish I could sit here and give you spoilers all day about the story but I just can't seem to do that to the author and the story.  I don't have enough words personally to describe my thoughts on this story. I know for a fact I didn't want the end to happen, but it did now I'm left with wanting more and more. Seems this time around more emotions came out to play as the characters moved on to newer things and became more involved with each other. Loving the ending but hating it at the same time I really don't know what the author is doing to me the way things ended ugg. I loved it however. The amount of details on the pages to the powerful characters and the story that unfolded right before my eyes was just truly amazing. MUST READ story it seems short but really it's not that is how fast you will fly through the pages, I do recommend that you read book 1 so your not completely lost plus they really go together and make even more sense when read together. It's hott, and hott and omg hott, jaw dropping greatness and even more sex that's amazingly hott.

My Rating

I'm a new erotic romance author with two books currently out. Loving the Senator and The Ambassador and Me. Both were Amazons Hot New Release and Bestsellers. Soon to release on November 3rd Paris, The Ambassador and Me the second in the Trilogy. On November 27th, I will be releasing Loving The Candidate the Second in the Capital Affairs series. Around Christmas I plan to release a very emotional book called Just Breathe Again. I've been writing since I was seven when I won my first essay contest in our state. From then on I wrote as much as possible. It wasn't until four years ago when I decided to write what I loved to read, erotic romances. Back in the day I would steal my moms Jackie Collins books and read them repeatedly tucked in between my Little House in the Prairie books and late at night with a flashlight under the covers. It never hit me to actually write romances until I spent a few days in New York went to Central Park with my laptop. I closed my eyes while I typed my first sex scene (it really helped) and I haven't looked back. When I'm not writing I hike, cook and spend time with my family. I have two daughters and two dachshund's.

Reading this story I didn't think I would be this hooked this fast. The author is incredible with her words. I couldn't eat them up fast enough. The details in this story are great, when turning the pages and starting a new chapter it all flowed right into each other no skipping parts and becoming lost it was perfect. The characters all had there own strong suits that fit them to a T. Isabella, strong and very independent, caring and very loveable, her emotions are always all over the place as she has a heart of gold and you can tell that about her with the way she loves and lives her life. Very family going and doesn't take any crap knows what she somewhats wants in life, that's for sure not love at first anyways.  Fabrice, The drop dead as sin hottie Ambassador, only has eyes for one and does whatever his Alphaness can do to claim her. He's strong and caring and fits with all the characters. This hott couple makes fireworks appear right before your eyes on the pages, the sex they have the kisses they share even the looks are drool worthy, even the amount of details the author has about them and everything is enough to leave you in a pool of your own spit. MUST READ story. I can only give this a 4 stars as I felt for most of it the main characters couldn't make up her mind and she kinda kept going back and forth with herself way to much, other then that the story was really amazing and fun to read from cover to cover. I couldn't wait to start reading the next story I was hooked on the love that was pouring out of the main characters and loving every minute of it.

My Rating

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***I received this story for free in exchange for an honest review***

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