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Release Blitz & Review: Tattered on My Sleeve By: Autumn Jones Lake

Title: Tattered on My Sleeve
Series: Lost Kings MC #4
Author: Autumn Jones Lake
 Release Date: July 28, 2015

*Although this is the fourth book in the Lost Kings MC series, Wrath and Trinity’s story can be read first.


Trinity Hurst.

That girl fucking owned me the minute I laid eyes on her. At twenty-one years old she already had a cold, calculating wall around her. The walls she built up around herself were designed to keep guys like me away. Underneath her tough girl exterior lay something sweet and vulnerable that I very much wanted to explore.

I had her first.

I fell in love with her.

Then we fucked everything up.


His name should have been lust. Pure, soul-shattering lust was the deadly sin I felt when I looked up—way up—into his ocean blue eyes. I should despise bikers. I should most definitely steer clear of this one, with his thick, muscled arms, and low sensual voice. My normally impeccable self-preservation instinct vanished the minute he walked in the door. Like everything else in my life, I fucked it up. And he’s never going to forgive me.

Old Habits Die Hard.

Wrath and Trinity met when the Lost Kings MC was on shaky ground. After three perfect nights together, Wrath knew she was it for him. But Trinty’s dark past was about to catch up to her and the Lost Kings MC was her only hope for protection. One misunderstanding led to a chain of mistakes that pushed them apart for years. When long-buried secrets are finally revealed, Wrath will stop at nothing to break their bad habits and make Trinity understand—she belongs to him.
Author’s note: There is no actual cheating in Tattered on My Sleeve.

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My Thoughts

Wow, what an ending to a really really great story. If I thought I was Team Wrath all the way before I'm even more in love with that Big guy. He;s sweet and caring and mean all wrapped into one super hott alpha man. I was hooked on this authors writing before but even more hooked with know more was to come after book 3, now that I read Wrath and Trin I want more so much more that I really hope more of them is to come. Its's one of those stories with a lot of back history to go right along with the love story that unfolds right before your eyes. I have to say Autumn did the most amazing job ever with writing this story. The Story came to life inside my head so well that I was upset when it came to an end. It was a fast pace read that I really enjoyed reading. I loved the 2 person POV story and was really easy to follow along with.  I wish I could give you spoilers all day about the story but I'm nice and don't want to ruin it for other readers. It's one that is a MUST READ!!! I know it says you can read this one first but to really get a feel for the characters I think it is best to read it in order of written so your not lost, not easy to do but helps with the characters and piece the series together so far. Trin is this amazing woman who has had it hard and gets harder before it got better. She's wonderful and strong in everything that she does. Wrath what a gentle sweet heart I really hope he doesn't catch me saying that about him I might really feel his Wrath hehe. He care a lot about his MC brothers and Trin. During the story he just really threw the curve balls out there I was amazed at this side of Wrath that not many know about, was really nice for a change. I actually was surprised to read the other characters in a different light then what they came across in books 1-3. Earth moving really. I loved every minute I took to read this story I couldn't get enough I WANT MORE!!! 

My Rating

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Besides his job as enforcer for the Lost Kings MC, Wrath owns a gym. One of the ways he tries to reconcile with Trinity is by asking her to help him prepare for a fight. This is from one of the times they’re working together.

My attention is finally drawn to the papers Trinity has in her hands. “What’s that?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. I didn’t realize Jake was already… You asked me to put some stuff together… So never mind.”

She folds the papers in half before I snatch them out of her hands.

“Ow! Thanks for the paper cuts, asshat.”

Jake chuckles and grabs her hands to look them over. I can’t wait to get in the ring with him later and kick his ass while Trinity watches.

I’m impressed with what she printed out. I knew she’d be good at this. She’s got a week’s worth of circuit training exercises broken into different ones on each day. Each circuit includes a balance of strength and endurance exercises. I glare at Jake, and he takes the hint to get lost.

“You’ve done your homework,” I say, handing the papers back to Trin.

The corner of her mouth twitches down in disappointment. “You don’t think it’s any—”

“Is that what I said?” I hate snapping at her, but sometimes it’s the only way to get through her self-doubt.


“Where’d you find some of these?”

“Are they too advanced for you?”

I tilt my head and stare at her. “Seriously?” She chuckles. “Good, then call me when you’re going to try the Front Lever. It looks sexy.” She spins away and heads back to the office.

Author Bio

As an only child, Autumn kept herself entertained by making up all sorts of stories. For a long time, life and school dimmed her enthusiasm for creative writing. But as soon as she rediscovered her love of storytelling, she put her fingers to the keyboard and hasn’t looked back.

Autumn lives in Upstate New York with her husband and their three rescue dogs. She is actively involved with several dog rescue groups and her local RWA chapter.


June 24 – 26, 2016, Meridian, MS

October 8, 2016, Toledo, Ohio



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***I received this story for free in exchange for an honest review***

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