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Blog Tour: Compulsion and Addiction By: Misti Murphy

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Book Title: Compulsion and Addiction (Magnetic Desires) 
Author: Misti Murphy 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: June 24, 2015 
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Stranded in the friend zone, Orion Lance has been in love with his best friend Clo since high school and unable to work out how to get her to see him as more.

After catching her husband cheating, Clo turns to her best friend Orion for support, only to find he wants more than she’s willing to give. While Orion shows her that not all men are pricks, and not all roses have thorns, Clo must find a way to let go of the past and open up to a second chance at love.


Birdie Lance isn’t a victim. She’s an idiot who let a boy get too close. At least that’s how she sees it. It's easy to not make the same mistake again — she doesn’t let anyone in anymore.

After the accident, Dr. Drake Barclay threw himself into his obstetrics practice, and uses boxing to keep the demons at bay. A recovering addict, he is barely existing, until he meets the bombshell who pushes all his buttons.

Two people coping with the traumatic scars of their past find an irresistible bond that may just heal them both.



A small tremble ran through her, causing her to shift on my lap. The smell of her arousal tinged the air around us, making it hard to not rip away her clothes and sink inside her. Slowly, our gazes locked, she wound her arms around my neck and brought her mouth to mine. A simple whisper of her lips had me tightening beneath her, and when she darted her tongue into my mouth to stroke my own, I gripped her hips.

"You thought about me all week, like that?" Her hands bunched in my T-shirt, pulling it up over my head.


"No?" She stilled, her lower lip sucked between her teeth.

"I told you, I've been thinking about you like that for years. Only, it's better now, because I know what you taste like."


"Oh?" Raising one eyebrow, I waited for her to reply.

When she didn't say anything, I pulled her top from her. "So, I guess the more important question would be: did you think of me like that all week? Did you touch yourself when you remembered what we did?"

"Orion." She swatted my arm, which only caused her to bounce on my lap. "How did I never notice you were so dirty?"

"You didn't want to know." Shifting her onto the couch I settled on my knees beside her and hiked her skirt up her thighs. Red lace that matched her bra swathed her pussy too. Brushing my fingers over the darker lace between her thighs, where her arousal soaked her panties, had her whimpering and stretching her arms up to pull me down to her.

My lips pressed together, one corner of my mouth tugging up playfully; I took the lace between finger and thumb. "Now, about these panties."

"What about them?" Her hips rose.

"They're fucking sexy."

"I like them." Her fingers wrapped around my wrist, trying to force my fingers closer to where she needed me.

Digging my finger through the lace, I tore them apart. "I like them better now."

"Orion, for fuck sake. I'm not going to have any panties left if you keep doing that."


The mat moved as he slid into the ring, and I turned to face him. My gut clenched. "I want Tom."

"Tom’s busy. You got me." Drake strapped on the pads and held them out at chest height. "Come on, hit me."

"No." I nibbled my lip, tearing the skin, and rubbed my tongue over the spot. "I want Tom."

"You want me."

I shook my head. "I don’t."

He cocked his head to the side and raised an eyebrow. "You’re not a good liar."

I touched the glove to my chin as I glanced at my feet. Even after what had happened, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. He’d been right when he said he’d own me, but it didn’t matter. What we’d begun was over.

"Hit me. Let out your anger."

I lashed out so fast, I didn’t realize I’d thrown a punch until my fist connected with the pad, and he staggered back a step. Bracing himself, he brought the pads back up. "Again."

"I can’t." My arms hung limp at my sides.

"Fine." He threw the pads down on the mat and came closer. "Then talk to me."

"There’s nothing to talk about." I pressed my lips together.

He grabbed me and dragged me into his arms, and I struggled against him. "Let me go."

"No. Not until you talk to me."

I stiffened in his arms, hoping he would relax his hold enough so I could get free, but he drew them tighter around me. "Fine. You want me to talk. How about the fact that I haven’t heard from you since that night? Not a phone call, or a text, or anything to see if I was okay."

He let me go, and I spun on him, jabbing his chest.

"It’s not like that. I’ve come off a thirty-hour shift. I’ve wanted to call you since I left you."

"You couldn’t have picked up the damn phone and sent me a text? It would have taken ten seconds out of your damn day." I jabbed him again, and he stepped back, his hands up. Aiming for the pads instead of his chest, I threw another punch. Despite my anger, I didn’t want to hurt him, not physically.

"Yeah, that would have been great. A generic text. Hey, darlin’, last night was fanfuckingtastic. Sorry I fucked up, but I’m sure you’ve got it all under control because that’s who you are."

I smashed my glove into his hand. "You’re a cock."

The gym went silent, and I glanced around to see we had an audience. "I don’t want to talk anymore. Leave me alone."

I bent to slip under the rope, and he grabbed me, locking me against his chest. "Not so fast. I didn’t call you, because I didn’t think it was the kind of conversation that you have over the phone."

"It’s a pretty easy conversation to have," I snapped.

"Really? Because it’s going so well, don’t you think?"

I stomped my heel down into his foot, and he let me go with a hiss, but managed to catch my hand before I could get out of the ring. "Listen up, darlin’, before you run out of here with your knickers in a twist. I wanted to talk to you face to face, so I knew you wouldn’t lie to me, and tell me you’re fine when obviously you’re not. I thought –" again his hand went to his hair, "—that it was best to talk about us in person, where you couldn’t shut me out so easily."

"There is no us." I swept my hands out in front of me. "There will never be an us."

Meet the Author

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Misti Murphy writes about smart, sexy women and the dirty talking alphas that love them. She also enjoys emotionally torturing them. Damaged alphas with a twist are her favorite.

When she's not writing, she's enjoying her own happily ever after with her teacher hubby, four hellions, and two fur babies. She has a weakness for chocolate, procaffinating, and stalking Facebook.

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