Monday, May 18, 2015

Review: Heath By: Chelsea Camaron

~ What's It About? ~

“One day, I will be more than an item to be bought or sold, won or lost.”

At fifteen, she was helpless. At eighteen, she was ruined. LoraLeigh Riffel fights every day to hold on to herself as she is tossed from the loser to the next winner, time and again.
Heath ‘Hitman’ Thomas works hard and plays even harder. From tripping pipes to winning fights, his world is in his hands.
When a battered and unstable woman is left at his doorstep for payment on a fight, every-thing changes in an instant.
She is the prize, but is he willing to accept the payment?

This book contains mature content not suitable for those under the age of 18. Involves strong language and sexual situations. This book contains some elements of violence that may be a trigger for some readers.

Originally released as part of the Blue Colla Make Ya Holla Box Set.

~ My Thoughts ~

What an amazing short story, and by short I mean really really short. I so wish it was longer I feel like I didn't get to know the characters all that well and I was missing some pieces to the story. Here's my hope that more of the characters story will appear more.  The author made just enough details to make you hooked and craving more. It's a miracle that I didn't end up throwing my kindle at how short the story was I was content on the story line and the characters affection. You really didn't get to see how much they grew to care for one another it was really a short glimpse into how they meet and their back grounds. It's a 2 person POV story that makes your head spin, jaw dropped and shocked over and over again on each page on the turns of events the characters endure. It's worth every word and every page turn. You fly through the pages like drinking water from a glass and it's mostly a MUST READ!!!

~ My Rating ~

*** I received this story for free in exchange for an honest review***

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