My Rating System

Below you'll see how I rate the books I read and review, I'm honest in all my reviews and the ratings that I give them.

  5 Stars- Totally and completely loved it!! Nothing wrong with it or need for change.

 4 1/2 Stars- Means I liked it not loved it, Some things were off on the story that I didn't like but over all was a great story.

3 Star- Was an OK story not great or good but ok. meaning  a lot I didn't really care for or I found the story really hard to get into. Doesn't mean I didn't like it just hard to follow. Is worthy of a read again.

2 Star- It was a fair story, nothing really stood out and moved me!! It was a bit confusing and hard to understand, wouldn't really recommend it and most likely not read again.

1 Star- Won't see much of these on my review, I don't really think an author desires this thrown in their faces after spending months sometimes years writing a story.  They basically mean didn't like the story at all the hole thing was crap. (so you wont find these on my reviews)

I try and be fair and honest when doing all my review, Most of the time you wont see any 1-2 star reviews on my page, you wont ever see 1 star that's for sure, I believe every author needs a fair chance at there stories being read and heard and not shut down and called a carp read. I do give my honest thoughts on the story and if an author doesn't like that then please feel free to contact me I will give you feed bad as to why I thought what I did. I also feel that some authors are hard on reviewers for giving lower stars or status for the story not everyone likes the same thing some like way different things and readings the same way, plus you asked for honestly and if you can't take it then don't ask for honest reviews. Sorry if that's harsh but that's my Rating System.

My vow to the authors that trust me for my reviews on their stories or ARCS is I promise to be honest in my thoughts and if I don't like It I will either let you know I wait to be contacted.

Thank you!!

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